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 [GUIDE] Options

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Options   Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:13 am

1. Armor (the set you wear) and Rings

- 40% zen: Zen drops you get from monsters you kill are increased by 40%. Stacks. Not a popular option. Good as additional option, but if it's the only option it's shlt.

- 4% increased max hp: Your hp is increased by 4%. Good for dks and tanking characters with high hp as primary option. Good as additional option for all other classes. It does not stack like orig hp + (orig hp x 4%) + (orig hp x 4%) + etc. Calculation for stacking:
- 4% damage decreased: Damage done to you is decreased by 4%. Popular primary option for dws, ees, energy-mgs (chars with low def). Good as secondary option for other characters. It does not stack like orig damage - [(orig dmg x 4%) + (orig dmg x 4%) + etc.] It stacks by: if dmg is Y, it's Y - (Y x 0.04) = Z, then Z - (Z x 0.04) = A, etc. Basically you get less dmg decreased per stacking.

- 5% damage reflected: 5% of damage done to you is reflected back at the attacking person/ monster. Damage done on attacker is as is--not decreased by attacker's def or dmg dec opts on attacker's set. Additionally, the dk's combo damage will not be reflected. Useful only for chars with high hp (otherwise any damage done to you that would leave you alive would be reflecting corny damage anyway). Stacks like: 5% + 5% + 5%, etc.

- 4% increased max mana: Your mana is increased by 4%. Not a very interesting option for most, but usable as a secondary option for all. Stacks same way as hp increase. (A ring with max mana as its only opt is virtually worthless, since cheap rings of magic can also have the same opt, although in varying percentages.)

- 10% defense success rate: Your defense rate is increased by 10%. Good only if you have high def rate. This will not add a base number to your def rate, but will only add a small fraction of your own def rate. Popular option for aes, agi-dks, agi-mgs, and agi-dws (although debate is on-going about the effectiveness of def rate opts for agi dws). Note that defense rate means your chances to avoid being hit. It does not stack like orig def rate + (orig def rate x 10%) + (orig def rate x 10%) + etc. Calculated in this manner:
*Credits: Thanks to Mint for the hp inc formula and combo-reflect info, to machtung for the def rate calculation, and to Aesir for the info on agi-dks.

2. Weapons and Pendants

- +7 speed: Adds 7 to your attacking speed. Highly popular option for all classes, especially so for ees. Stacks like 7+7+7, etc.

- dmg lvl/20: Your level/ 20 = damage added to your base damage. Good primary option for high levels, all classes. Applies only to physical damage. Stacks like x+x+x, with x = your lvl/20.

- wizardry dmg lvl/20: Same as dmg lvl/ 20, but it deals with spell damage, and not physical damage. Same stacking.

- 10% exc damage: Gives you a 10% chance to do excellent damage (guide says exc dmg is 110% but actual experience seems to be 125%, not sure, though). Highly popular option for all classes. The 10% chance to do exc damage stacks like x+x+x = your total % chance to do exc damage. The exc damage you do does not stack; only the chance to do it.

- 2% increased dmg: Increases your physical damage by 2%. Not a highly popular option, but workable for characters who do high enough damage that 2% will be considerable. Stacks like 2% + 2%, etc.
- 2% increased wizardry dmg: Same as 2% inc dmg, only it deals with spell damage and not physical damage. Same stacking.

- mana after hunt/ 8: You get x amount of mana back after killing a monster, with x being your mana/ 8. Good option for dws, aes, and high-level dks with low mana. Stacks like x+x, etc.
- hp after hunt/ 8: Same as mana after hunt/ 8. Good option for leveling without an ee if you get hit a lot. Same stacking.

*Note that when I say kill the monster, I mean you deliver the final/ killing blow.

*There can only be up to two excellent options per exc item. Additional options might be additional def for sets, additional dmg for weapons, hp regen for jewelry. Exc items drop only at +0. (example: Exc pendant of wind+0+3hp regen+10% exc damage) Exc armor/ weapons can be blessed/ souled up, but jewelry cannot. Any exc items you see with more than two exc options, or exc jewelry at higher than +0, were a result of duping and souling bug on global, and were migrated as they were.

Exceptions to this are lord mix items, which can carry up to 4 excellent options each.
*Note also that with excellent weapons, if its normal counterpart can have skill, the exc version will always have skill. (Ex. Hand axe = can't have skill. So exc hand axe = no skill. Double blade = can have skill. So exc double blade = always has skill.)

Normal Options

1. Armor
- additional defense: Gives additional +4, +8, +12, +16 +20 +24 +28 to defense of item. Note that when item defense says 20, for instance, with additional defense of 12 written in blue under the item, 20 does not yet include the additional defense. Total defense of the item would therefore be 20 + 12 = 32. Highest option that drops normally is 12. 16 option is obtained only by using a JoL (Jewel of Life). Note that the % sign after the opt (ex. +12% additional def) is a typo. It's +12 flat.

2. Weapons, DK Wings, DW Wings, MG Wings, DL Cape, some 2nd Elf Wings
- additional damage: Gives additional +4, +8, +12, or +28 to damage of item. All same as additional defense.
Note that on DW staffs this does not add to wizardry rise, but to the wizardry damage done.
Note also that on DW Wings all these options are wizardry damage, and physical damage on DK and DL. On MG wings it is a matter of chance as to whether wizardry or physical damage will come out, and once it comes out as one of them, if you JoL it down to 0 and try to JoL it up again, the nature of the damage will not change.

3. Pendants, Rings, Elf Wings (first wings and some second)

- automatic hp recovery: Regenerates hp of the wearer. Can be +1%, +2%, +3%, or up to +7%. Highest that naturally comes out is +3%; +4% can be obtained by successfully JoLing the wings (jewelry can't be JoLed). Stacks as 1%+1%, etc.

-increase max ag: Applies only to Pendants of Ability. Increases your max ag by a percentage. Ranges from 1%-3%. (I've never seen this opt on an exc pendant) (Can someone confirm if it comes out in exc pendants of ability?)

-increase max mana: Applies only to Rings of Magic. Increases your max mana by a percentage. Ranges from 1%-3%. Comes out on excellent rings as an extra opt (instead of hp regen). ex. ring of magic+10% dsr+2%max mana

*For more information on rings and pendants, see the last section of this guide: On Elemental Rings and Pendants. (just scroll down)

4. Armor, Weapons, Wings
- Luck:
a) Gives a 5% chance to do critical damage (100% damage) when attacking. Note that critical damage cannot be obtained without luck. Stacks as 5%+5%, etc.
Raises chances of success in souling the item from 50% to 75%. Note that this applies only for souls, and not JoLs.
*Luck does not raise the chances of you getting a jewel when killing monsters. It has no connection whatsoever to jewel drops.

Second Wing Special Options

- 3% ignore enemy def: Gives wearer 3% chance of ignoring enemy's defense when attacking. Meaning, when you attack and that 3% chance comes up, you can do full damage to the enemy without your damage being reduced by their def (two points of def take off 1 point from damage). Remains at 3% regardless of wing level. Very good option for dks and aes, and for dws with high def.

- +50 hp: Gives wearer +50hp when wing is +0, and additional 5 hp for every level of the wing. So +55hp from wing+1, 60hp from wing+2, etc. Very good option in general, since extra hp always comes in useful when you fight heavy-hitting enemies. A must for ees and some dws.

- +50 mana: Works the same as +50 hp option, only adding mana instead of hp. Not as popular, although a workable option for dks, aes, and dws.

DL Cape Special Options

- +10 command/ charisma: Adds 10 to command (a.k.a. charisma). Amount added goes up by 5 command per level of the cape. So +15 command from cape+1, +20 command from cape+2, etc. Good for command-based dls, of course.

- 3% ignore enemy def = Gives wearer 3% chance of ignoring enemy's defense when attacking. Meaning, when you attack and that 3% chance comes up, you can do full damage to the enemy without your damage being reduced by their def (two points of def take off 1 point from damage). Remains at 3% regardless of cape level. Very good for dls that want to do good damage attacking on their own (as opposed to just watching raven kill)

- +50 hp: Gives wearer +50hp when cape is +0, and additional 5 hp for every level of the cape. So +55hp from cape+1, 60hp from cape+2, etc. Very good option in general, since extra hp always comes in useful when you fight heavy-hitting enemies.

- +50 mana: Works the same as +50 hp option, only adding mana instead of hp. Not as popular, although a workable option.

*Note that special options on wings/ capes cannot be obtained with JoL and can only come out upon wing creation. Putting a JoL to the wing will only produce additional damage/ additional defense / hp recovery options.

*Note also that 1st wings and 2nd wings increase your damage by some percentage, and decrease damage done to you by some percentage. Capes (which serve as both 1st and 2nd wings for DLs) don't have this. (Capes just have a +20 to defensive skill opt on all of them.) Note that DW wings only increase wizardry damage, however, so non-spell-using MGs who need 1st wings should get satan wings.
cheers cheers
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[GUIDE] Options
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